For the past 50 years in our democratic society, we are following the traditional classroom system in which we all learn basic education, discipline, self-confidence, and control. The traditional classroom varies enormously from culture to culture. Traditional classrooms even include extracurricular activities like sports, dance, and singing, etc. It is the system where teachers and students have a healthy conversation about all the subjects.


These days online classes have become extremely popular in many institutes. In this platform, a vast number of people gain education under the guidance of a person from an institution, even by staying away from each other. These two types of classrooms vary from each other, and this blog will talk about the differences.


Traditional Classroom Vs. Online Classroom - A Detailed Discussion


Let's start from the beginning of the day in a school which starts from the sunny and more crowded prayer session. In online classrooms, such provisions are not usually seen.


In a traditional classroom, a teacher has to shout to control the students. On the other hand, in the online class, the students attend the class attentively under the control of their parents.


In a traditional classroom, teachers would spend one-third of their time checking student's homework, whereas, in online classes, teachers will not have enough time to do all these things, so students will get more time to study.


One major drawback of an online class is students will miss a lot of their playing time with classmates and friends in the playground. In a traditional classroom, students spend a lot of time being both physically and mentally active. But in an online class, students may feel stressed and exhausted as there will not be any playing session.


Students in rural areas may not be able to attend online classes due to poor internet connectivity. Even students in urban areas face many network issues during both class time and exam time. In the case of a traditional classroom, there is no dependency on the internet. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the learning and teaching process became manageable and comfortable, thanks to the online classroom applications.  One of the best online teaching platform is Learnpod. This application is designed for teachers and students. Its online classroom frames make you feel as if you are in a traditional classroom. It also allows you to manage time and monitor class scheduling, substitution, group classes, etc. Learnpod also helps conduct examinations, assessments and provides quick reports to the respective students. Information and announcements can be quickly broadcasted to the whole school in real-time. 


In Learnpod, you can record your online classes, which will help to register the lessons, and also it also can be downloaded. A Digital whiteboard option is provided for drawing shapes, symbols, math equations, and more. During the online sessions, students are allowed to raise their hands and clear their doubts. Quizzes are conducted to encourage the students. Motivation badges are given among the students to encourage their healthy competition. Pre-recorded classes are directly uploaded in Learnpod, which makes the students study with a single click. 


Learnpod tracks the student's attendance using automated attendance and sends reports to teachers to identify those who skip online classes. It also has digitized feedback forms to improve the performance of the students. In Learnpod, library files are also available in the dashboard that you can share with your friends. Live chats with groups during classes to engage and share information between the students is also facilitated. 


Both online and traditional classrooms have their strengths and limitations. Traditional classroom systems have well-documented literature and continue to be a source of discussion. In a traditional classroom, the learning is scheduled and used to maintain an interpersonal relationship on a regular basis. This feature is not present in the online classroom.

Traditional classes are more suitable for young children, while online learning is more suitable for teenagers.


Regular attendance in classes helps them interact with other individuals of their own age since it will enhance their communication discipline. In both traditional and online classrooms, students can directly share their views and clarify their queries with the teachers. 




The traditional classroom is the only best option for every student for their best education. Perhaps an online classroom is also a wise option for today's situation. Currently, LEARNPOD is one of the best platforms for the online classroom.

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